Ton Queens, New York

MC from Queens who grew up loving Hip Hop. This love drew him to want to make his own album.

90's baby nostalgia infused lyricism.

My dream as an artist is to be a combination of Nas, The Wyld Stallyns, Dewey Cox, and Michael Jackson, in my own Ton way.
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Track Name: Enter The Dream (Intro)
I stay powered on dreams
Powered on dreams

Enter into a dream where anything is possible
If you believe it, then you’re unstoppable
Stay Powered On Dreams
Cuz the brain powers me to do things you’ve never seen
As I stay focused like a shining laser beam
This isn’t just a making cream scheme
What I’m making is poetry
With pregnancy potency
Or potential
As I sex up this instrumental
To give birth to a great track
Skills I never lack
Put me on the top brack
Cuz I’m bringing it back
Reminding you to stay young at heart
And challenging others to bring back lyricism to the art
To be super and rise above it like Tony Stark
And you know that I’ma play it smart
Cuz originality is essential when playing your part
Without it you put an end to your start
And you knock yourself out like Jadakiss’ song
Like a minute man, you know won’t last long
I’m Hercules with the raps, so you ain’t looking strong
Scribble down your errors so that I can (w)right your wrongs
While maintaining the essence
Now you feeling the presence
Past, future, and present
Like Bret Hart, legend status intended
I’ll bring Hip Hop Back To The Future like Marty McFly
The essence from 1985
Bring it to the present and make it live
To the 2015 where the Renaissance will arise
On this Journey with every song sung
On this Excellent Adventure to Get To Know Ton
From track one
‘Till I “Have To Make It” cuz I’m still young
Like the Autumn leaves, it seems times are changing fast
To maintain the greatness, we must Invent The Past

Come along, lounge on that cloud
Allow these dream tunes, to vibe on your tense spots
Welcome to Ton’s dream, welcome to Powered On Dreams
Track Name: Impressive
(Verse 1)
I’ma be the blender from September to September
To shake Hip Hop to what it was, remember?
I’ma “get it” like rappers after punch lines
Now I’m hoping that you got mine
Crashing into the scene like a fast car
Whole life wanted to professionally (w)rap bars
But this ain’t no chocolate factory
Even though I am the Willy Wonka of this gallery
Without a crystal ball, my future can be seen
You need to be Big Pun to shatter my dreams
“Beware,” whack rappers I punish and torment
These two-faced rappers are a bunch of Harvey Dents
A bunch of Stanley Ipkisses hiding behind the mask
Call me Little Nicky, I’ll release Hell from a flask
I’m tanks of propane and fireworks waiting to blow
Coming here to change the current mode
Lines pack so much punch they could’ve knocked Marciano
Cuz I’m hot like the Earth’s core, melting the mold
Each of these bars is a championship
So I guess I became Ric Flair with this

Coming with a style that you know is progressive
Looking for perfection in a way that’s obsessive
Trying to make it to the top is never excessive
So all I do is Impressive
Always be me, be expressive
Giving it my all, coming aggressive
Cuz I’m going to be the next in
So all I do is impressive
Impressive, so all I do is impressive

(Verse 2)
I don’t think you made the link
That I’m distinct like a bum wearing a pink ink mink
My raps are my live than cats
And more fly than bugs or bats
My styles are off limits like you’re through with Calculus
I’m way too smart for you to baffle this
You can’t break, shake, or rattle this
And correctly it be deadly to battle this
I’m Speedy Gonzales, you move at zombie speed
But I still provide the brains you need
I do this intellectually
More creative than after smoking weed
With more stories than the books you read
Been growing since I planted the seed
Like egos that fame feeds
Or Bruce Banner when anger he breathes
Now the song’s rich cuz I’m green to my sleeves

(Verse 3)
With my music I feel like Frank Lucas with Blue Magic
A sure product, addictive, man you know you got to have it
And when I’m done, Ton, they gonna be quoting him
And it may seem I’m high on myself like I took opium
But I’m that un-M. Night Shyamalan sign they need to be noticing
A new business, this the grand opening
Statistically I have the ability to rap with agility and stability
This is your fortune cookie giving you your prophecy
It was said by Obi Wan Kenobi
“Your eyes can deceive you, don’t trust them”
So close them and listen to the rhymes that I’m busting
Sentences that make you feel all senses
Super elation sensation it dispenses
Stimulating you like Frankenstein when electricity commences
Call me Alexander cuz I’m showing you I’m great
Hoping all this didn’t Jet Blue those riding the subway
Track Name: Back To The Days (Feat. The Shinin')
(Verse 1)
Ever since a Rugrat, wanted to make my School House Rock
Not worried about what Bump in the Night, just to make it to the top
From crawling to climbing there like a Spiderman
Be noble like Clark Kent, a Superman Ton can
Cartoons were an inspiration for life
Wanted to become a super hero and end strife
Thought I could really have a super power
Then I’d go and act it out for the next hour
Watching Power Rangers and Pinky and the Brain
Like in life they both had a bit of genius and insane
Having good times with my cousins and friends
How I wished those times would never end
At the age of 4 liking girls was something so new
“I like Pok’e’mon, can I get a peek at chu (Pik’a’chu)?”
Little playground crushes
Tell ‘em I like them, then hide in the bushes
Playing with Marvel and wrestling action figures
Toys were little but my dreams much bigger
Causing mischief in granny’s backyard
Life was so simple ‘cuz now it’s so hard
At the age of 12 began writing in my Dexter’s lab
Where I reminisce, I reminisce about the good times I’ve had

Go back to the days, not a worry in the world
Young mind as precious as a pearl
Ready for adventure, take me for a swirl
Iow! the cooties, watch out for that girl

(Verse 3)
Crazy how our childhoods are so alike
And we see it now that we spit it on the mic
Growing up in Queens, some young Dominican kids
We were young so we enjoyed everything that we did
When we misbehaved we saw the sandal
So many tears it was hard to handle
Cuz our mothers were so caring
To do bad things we really weren’t daring
Except when it came to school
Where we met and we started acting a fool
Sitting in the back of the classroom talking and laughing
About cartoons and our favorite emcees rapping
Throwing paper balls and shooting them jays
Carrot eating teacher sleeping, how I miss those days
Everything back then was just so fun
That’s why to go forward you must think young
That’s why to go forward you must think young
Track Name: Serial Cereal
I woke up this morning and got off to a Smart Start
Cuz I had cereal for breakfast with a pop tart
My dad was hungry so I asked “you want some Corn, Pops?”
He said “Quiero cereal,” so I gave it with no stop
Then I put on a fresh pair of Kix
Gonna be looking for a wifey not no Trix
So I left having a good day I shall
When a Brit told me “Cheerio ol’ pal”
Then I saw Franken so high he was in a Froot Loop
He told me “Yo man, what’s good, what’s new?
You know I got them Golden Grahams
Shit will get you high cuz we Raisin’ Bran
C’mon, this is greener than Shrek can you believe your eyes?
Take some Magic Puffs and you’ll see Mr. Wonderful’s Surprise
Got you with a good price just have to Chex with my man Alph A-Bit”
Told him I’m not down with doing that shit
He said “C’mon get high off the Wheaties”
I quickly left cuz I saw my sweetie
Had to go spit my Lucky Charm
That get Honey Bunches on my arm
The way Honey Comb her hair
All I could do was stare
She had Fruity Pebbles on her platinum bracelet
This girl was perfect man, face it
She had what you call the Total package
Beautiful, smart, funny I could barely manage
I told her we belong together like cereal & milk
We could take it nice and smooth like silk
She gave me Grins & Smiles & Giggles & Laughs
And told me “You’re Special K” after all of that
I saw the Twinkles in her eyes on this beautiful day
Then I was interrupted before I could hear what she had to say
Franken came scratching his head, but his Flakes were neither Corn nor Frosted
He was talking so much Smack I had thought he had lost it
So I gave him a look
And for some reason he got shook
Thought I’d bust a Cap N Crunch Kaboom you’ll see Franken Berried
So he quickly left in a hurry
I turned around and said lets enjoy Life and see each other soon
So we could mix in the same bowl with the same spoon
Track Name: Original (Feat. Erre D & The Shinin')
(Verse 1)
It’s clear like a vampire’s reflection
That I made the right selection
To be Hip Hop perfection
You see K-O.S., but I see Knowledge Of Self
Using intellect to bring Hip Hop to health
Cuz your rhymes come up shorter than an elf
Now it’s time for your fate to be dealt
Like Stan Lee’s characters, you listening to a Marvel
If you don’t understand then you must’ve lost your marbles
I ain’t toying with you like Buzz Lightyear
This right here is meant to strike fear
Call me like Beetlejuice and I’ll appear
A nightmare like Tim Burton, let it be clear
I can tear you apart like Edward Scissorhands
And this ain’t Onyx, but you’ll get slammed
You need to stop being a Dick like Nixon
So this broken Hip Hop, yeah I’ll be fixin’
It ain’t Jay-Z’s takeover, but your raps are lame
Like a cartoon’s clothes, always the same
While I’m on fire like Kane
You get wrapped up in lyrical flames
With rhymes that are so real and bold
Cuz they stun you like Stone Cold
Now it’s time to apply the sleeper
And I’ll remain as your crypt keeper

(Chorus) - Erre D
It’s original
Ain’t nobody gonna stop us now
You can tell by the way we sound
We bringing the heat
Anybody contradict us we just give ‘em the beat

(Verse 2)
Can’t stop me in my zone
Rocking like the Ramones
A samurai with no afro
I’ma keep rapping ‘till I blow
Spit it with the crazy flow, yeah you already know
Looking for where I’m gonna go
Not gonna take it slow
But I’m going to the top
Too hot to stopped
Call me the Phoenix cuz I be X-ing Men
So it ain’t peaceful like the Zen
You’re a joke a like Stimpy and Ren
Get ate like an m&m
What’s happening like Juvenile
Rapping with style
The beats kicking in
I’m goin’ for the win
Straight chillin’ like Wale
I’ma let it play
As you listen to what I say
Get it hype like hip hop hooray
I see robots on my screen
So its Rage Against the Machine
I’m a Renegade of Funk like Eminem and Jay-Z
And no, you can never ever play me
Track Name: Queens (Feat. The Shinin')
Cuz Queens is the home for rap
Cuz Queens is the home for rap
Queens is the borough
Queens keep it thorough
Let me tell you ‘bout Queens
I’m talking ‘bout Queens
It happens in Queens
Cuz this is Queens
Killa Queens, Creative Queens

(Verse 1)
Coming straight out of Queens
It’s me, the fat spitting machine
The most diverse county on the map
That gave birth to many legends of rap
LL Cool J and A Tribe Called Quest
Hip Hop at it’s finest
Real is how you define this
Queens, so call us your highness
Out in Elmhurst is where Rakim got on his grind
Where he began to spit his legendary rhymes
How about Hollis’s own Run DMC
Without them Hip Hop, there wouldn’t be
Corona, home to the Beatnuts, Kool G Rap,
And Styles P, legends over the BOOM BAP
Here in Corona, future of true Hip Hop is being raised
Spitting the rhymes that elevate from the page
It gets real hot when we do our thing
So let me get an ice at the Lemon Ice King

(Verse 3)
Giving you a tour along the 7 train
Showing you all that Queens contains
Starting from Corona is where the crown is gained
I’m the new King of Queens, taking over for Doug Heff
Laying down the laws as if I’m the ref
We can go to Flushing Meadows home of the World’s Fair
The globe, my world is located there
Provided the key that kept Tony Starks alive
Everyday heroes and civilians making the strive
The one county got the whole U.S Open
Serving up those who are chosen
Even without JFK and LaGuardia we fly
Access to the world without the sky
In Flushing you can be walking around
The new China Town
Everybody hitting up them clubs in Astoria
Next day, like Biggie, you got a story
But there be house parties everywhere
Popping bottles, lifting L’s in the air
Cuz you never know when you’re gonna go
Jackson Heights, Elmhurst, Fresh Meadows,
Forest Hills, Jamaica, Hollis, the Park of Rego
LIC, Lefrak, Richmond Hill, Woodside yo
Maspeth, Kew Gardens, Ridgewood is the Queens we know
And this is home
Track Name: Autumn (Feat. Rubio)
(Chorus) - Rubio
From the bottom to the top
Nothing will ever make us stop
I'm on this road to success
We'll surpass and be the best
From the bottom to the top
Nothing will ever make us stop
Climbing up and reaching stardom
While they fall like leaves in Autumn

(Verse 1)
Put out these songs like leaves in the Autumn
Things standing in my way you know that I fought ‘em
That I’m an ill MC you know that I taught ‘em
But unlike the leaves, I work my way up from the bottom
It ain’t Halloween but these rappers I haunt ‘em
Cuz the fake is garbage and already rotten
This is the season to get rid of the old
Where only the truest will survive the cold
From Corona, Queens, New York is this story told
After this you’ll see my true skills unfold
It’s more about originality than records sold
Plus it’s real and it comes straight from the soul
From the underground and the sewers with the men of mole
And like the Ninja Turtles I’m defeating them all
I work on this, cuz greatness I want to achieve it
And this is definitely the season, believe it

(Verse 2)
Hold my lyrics in high regard like a sacred scripture
I’m like Michelangelo, you couldn’t paint a better picture
But I’d rather be Pollock, a more abstract version
Cuz it’s still perfect the way I place my words in
Like a blunted teacher I present that higher learning
As you’re brought into the light you see the fakes squirming
And crinkle like the Autumn leaves
I’m real, what I say you can believe
As winter freezes over phonies, I remain Johnny Storm
The Human Torch, I scorch and stay warm
And like the heat, I’m on the rise for greatness
The architect of my career, so I’m gon’ make it
Here to make history like Forest Gump
I won’t Fall Out like Patrick Stump
I won’t fall in line, have to stay on my grind
To find where in my mind, I belong
Gotta stay strong, to infinity in beyond
So there’s hype and buzz in my light-year
So have no fear, yea the underdog Ton is here
Track Name: Musical Elemental (Feat. J Ave)
You’re so real
Your music heals
Musical elemental
Reveal what we feel
You’re so real
I start to think and then I sink
Into the people because we link
When I’m heard, I’m trapped inside their minds
We remain infused through time

(Verse 1)
Corner lamppost is my spine
With the light that shines
To light my rhymes in my mind
Exciting times
Support and energy for the body maintained
Pen and pad for a brain
Microphone wire runs as my veins
Soul, Rhythm that my body contains
Eyes are cameras recording the world around me
Cassette tape string nerves for what surrounds me
Picked up Van Gogh’s ear cuz what I’m making is art
From studios, corners, stages, to parks
Among my other facial features
My mouth is a speaker
Have a spray-paint nose
Constantly making murals
Making up the rest of my face
Cheeks vibrating from the bass

(Verse 2)
My heart is an outlet
That goes to power my turntable chest
Left hand scratches and moves the crowd
A mic for the right to spit rhymes to they get loud
They fuel me back with energy that’s electric
Watch the rhymes I kick, so check it
Have MPC pad abs
Providing the Boom Bap
And adds drums and hi-hats
Bigger and Deffer cuz I’m BAD
Creating the rhythm for when I walk
Causing my legs to be in a constant toprock
Nike and Adidas feet is what you find
Different styles and all they do is kick rhymes
I’m the honest truth before your eyes
I’m Hip Hop cuz I’m rap minus lies

(Verse 3)
I gave you delight then you’d fiend for me
Always wanting me to tell you stories
Cuz my rhyme tactics are Illmatic
Fantastic and changed the music fabric
I started out on the streets
Then on radio is where they played me
I was seen on BET and MTV
Counted me down in Times Square like New Year’s Eve
Hooked up with the Internet, things changed unbelievably
People stole what I worked for, what a robbery
Gave what I worked for, out for free
They started using me for money
That’s why I Used To Love me
But things never stay the same
I had to adjust and change
People said I was no longer real like back then
People I was cool with said I was dead to them
So I was Ready To Die, but I see a Resurrection
Moved to the underground to go in a new direction
I’m missed and people try to find
Me on the radio, but it plays an imposter of mine
Using the internet to rebuild my presence
I’ve been working to rebuild my essence
So I’ll be back with a new response
When I reach the Renaissance
Track Name: Why Is It (Feat. Rubio)
(Verse 1)
Sitting on the train, you sitting across from me
You look up and it’s beautiful eyes I see
Train rocking, we’re sharing awkward stares
But there’s something about you so I really don’t care
Make me get up so I can sit right next to
They call me Ton, but I want to get to know you
I laughed and you gave me a giggle
So that means you felling me at least a little
I need someone like you in my life
Beautiful body and your smiles just right
I know there’s a deeper level to you
You add me, a life of happiness we go through
Constant surprises, the good times will never end
So you already know I want to see you again
Conversations going to end cuz I just reached my stop
But you got up and left with me so I guess not

(Chorus) - Rubio
Why is that all I want to do is think about you?
Why is that I always want to be around you?
Why is it that nothing can get between us two?
Fall in love? Naa. I think I’m about to

(Verse 2) (Rubio)
Nothing’s better than having you by my side
So girl with you I’ll always ride
Be your shoulder when you need to cry
I got feelings for you that I won’t hide
What we have is true, and that’s no lie
Focused on you ‘til the day that we die
Letting all the bullshit slide
The only thing that matters is that you’re mine
So girl, I’ll do the time
But it ain’t no crime
Cuz you’re a dime
Either way to me it’s fine
We belong together like a beat and a rhyme
We give each other that extra shine
Connected hand and hand, mind and mind
So baby girl just, just be mine

(Verse 3)
With you I realized that I Need Love
Of your beauty I can’t have enough
Taking pictures with your Camera Phone
Keep you secure cuz you don’t want to be alone
So you see the way You Got Me
Spend the day K-I-SS-I-N-G
We can Go live out our fantasy
Play teacher, you’ll be Ms. Fat Booty
All night it’ll be Splash Waterfalls
That’s why for you I’ll Trade It All
Cuz girl You Make Me Better
So we’ll always be together
I’m Not a Player so you can trust me
Hey Love that’s what it’s about, see?
Don’t have to go through The Making of the Perfect Chick
You already are and it’s as simple as this
You’re All I Need To Get By
Why is it? Love. So everything’s alright
Track Name: Can't Trust Her (Feat. Sonic)
Can’t say that I trust her,
Trynna have fun tonight
Never again to cross my mind
That’s why they say that love is blind
Cuz soon you’ll be left behind

(Verse 2)
Girl I like your style, it’s unique
Get with me, on the mic I’m a beast
Like the boys from Paul’s Boutique
Almost perfect, need a tweak
Others, their style is weak
You’re cute and sweet
So it’s nice to meet
Let me get you a drink
And tell you what I think
I love your accent
And the sexiness ain’t absent
Atmosphere has us relaxing
And each other attracting
Drink my Henny Straight No Chaser like Thelonious Monk
Doing my flirting unlike that Pepe Le Pew skunk
See I’m like no other
So fly that I hover
Buddha ears give me ultimate wisdom
Saying that you leaving with this one
My hand around those hips
Come give this a kiss
Go and run the risk
No acid needed for this trip
The liquor you drinking make it feel alright
I ain’t a player but I’m trynna smash tonight
Track Name: Heartbreak's Rule (Feat. Amandi)
(Verse 1)
I miss you so much
I never knew pain as such
And it wasn’t just the sex see
But I miss you cuz you’re so sexy
Miss having you to hold
You were daring and bold
I should have known this would’ve happened
Now here I am sadly rapping
I knew you weren’t mature enough for love
So you let me free like a dove
But I don’t feel peace
Cuz when you left you took a piece
Took my heart
And now that we’re apart
I miss our start
Cuz you made a mark
That hurts so damn much
I never new pain as such
Can’t even stand, need a crutch
Miss being the Starsky to your Hutch
Tears sliding for those lips
And having my hands around those hips
But man forget this shit
I hate you, yea that’s it
But na, I fell in love
Oh Lord up above
Make this stop
Because I can not
My heart is hot
For what I don’t got
And feel I need
Girl why’d you plant this seed?

(Chorus) - Amandi
No it was not love at all
Sorry that you had to fall
No longer standing tall
This crush left you fooled
Pain is heartbreak’s rule

(Verse 2)
Damn girl, you’re such an abuser
So lonely, I didn’t want to lose ya
You make me and the song cry
And your heart is the reason why
You were my girl
Us against the world
I fell in love willing to do anything for you
And then you go and decide that we’re through
I was in it for real, you were just playing games
It’s bullshit that you don’t feel the same
You have to be feeling this pain
In a world full of clouds and rain
Why’d you leave me? Why? Why? Why?
Is it another guy?
Tell me it’s a lie
Cuz he ain’t as fly
Damn, why’d you let our love die?
Track Name: Drink My Sorrows (Feat. Erre D)
(Chorus) - Erre D
I, I’ve drank my sorrow and dwelled in my pain
Until tomorrow’s mirror drinking again
My judgment’s clouded, I can’t see far
The truth is out of sight while I’m at the bar

(Verse 1)
I believe the main ingredient in liquor must be tears
From painful emotions, that’s why it burns here
Confrontations with sadness, anger, and fear
You welcome the burn in hope they disappear
Set fire what you no longer want to confront
You spend your days putting up a front
And then reveal yourself when you’re drunk
Pulling off all kinds of stunts
When your emotions seem to truly come out
Wondering why you have them and what they’re about
Dizzy state makes it easy to cry, scream, or shout
Don’t care if it rains from your eyes when your in this cloud
So you let out the truth
You get to be you
And you continue to drink all night
Until you feel like you’re enjoying life
Forget about strife and just try to be hype
But it really isn’t all, all right

(Verse 2)
Bottled emotions like liquor in a bottle
Once you pop it open it comes full throttle
World spinning like your head is in a bobble
Life is the liquor and alcohol is the chaser that follows
To smooth it out and provide a cushion to fall on
The bottle is your friend that’s always there when you call on
Provides an ear to your problems when you need to vent
Until all of your sense is spent
Freedom is felt from problems and societal control
All truth, nothing hidden, release of your soul
Abuse the substance like life’s abuse
But with every shot you’re hanging your own noose
That’s why they call it a hangover, it’s not news
Pain returns, head ache, puke like the emotions you lose
These emotions we hide are like a lit fuse
And it has me all confused

(Bridge) - Kaleh
I’m driving solo, dark night.
I am the superior.
Car swinging, beer drinking.
I find myself staring at the side view mirror.
What might happen, only destiny knows.

(Verse 3)
Feeling like my throat’s on fire, screeching rims and tires
Foggy glass, inside is the drunkest driver
At the wheel losing control, reactions are slow
Disregarding what the traffic lights show
Appears all the same
Swerving, curving, lane to lane
Nervous, trying to maintain
A stable mind frame
But my focus disappears like hocus pocus
Speeding up cuz the route home, you know I know this
Reaching 83 on these streets
When I see a girl crossing in front of me
Hit the break, hoping it’s not too late
And that I didn’t make a mistake and delivering her an ill fate
Break to halt, she hits the asphalt
Car turns, summersaults and it my fault
That I’m lying motionless in a mangled car
And killed a girl because I had to many drinks at the bar
Track Name: Live!
On the rise to the top
You gotta get live, get live
Get live, get live, get live, get live
You gotta live it up

(Verse 1)
Coming from a prism of optimism
Opposite of prison or communism
On a mission for ya to listen
And you know there’s wisdom in the rhythm within him
Realism and dreams
Happiness over cream
For both I have to play my part
To live a life of movies, music, and art
And they go hand in hand
I’m just trying to give you bars like a histogram
The fault finder will find fault even in paradise - (Henry David Thoreau)
So I guess originality and individuality will suffice, right?
Seven percent of a section is in objection
Other 93 see projection and Hip Hop’s resurrection
I access this so that I express
Trying to make music’s that’s timeless
That’ll live forever like the hydrozoan jellyfish
Is my wish with this
Not it’s apocalypse
Or disappearance in an abyss
So make amazing music
That sticks and clicks
So you can kick
Excitement, Ecstatic
Make magic

(Verse 2)
Life often feels like I’m in the Truman Show
Hoping others aren’t in control
But it’s my movie so I’ma play my role
You have to play the one that’s in your soul
Be who you are and live like a star
Explore the plot and take it far
We can all have exceptional stories seen on the screen
Be the special person we see in these scenes
Works of fiction help me understand the life we livin’
Work hard for the top spot cuz ain’t nothing given
Reality can be faker than movies
Many people and constructs ain’t real to me
And many parts feel pointless
Find purpose is what the point is
But movies are fake as well
Cuz in the end all is well
Happy endings like a Chinese message parlor
The allure of hope is what they’re all for
It left me in love with the idea of love
Cuz it’s never been the experience of
Difficult to be achieving
Believe me
Dealing with what I’m seeing
Not what others are weaving

“We are the music makers
We are the dreamers of the dreams”
(- Willy Wonka / Arthur O'Shaughnessy)

(Verse 3)
To make music is my dream
So I’ll let my thoughts stream
Amongst this rhyme scheme
With this Powered On Dreams theme
Let my thoughts do the talking
Steps closer to my dreams kind of like I’m sleep walking
All looking for that feeling of being whole
All trying to achieve our dreams and goals
We’re all on the quest for that
So follow your screenplay or map
Invent The Past
Invent The Past
Track Name: They Say
They say that I’m this, they say that I’m that
They say I ain’t Hip, they say I can’t rap
They say I ain’t Hop, they tell me to stop
They say I’m nothing at all
Maybe I’m all this, everything. Do this ‘till I fall
They say I’m nothing at all
Maybe I’m all this, everything. Do this ‘till I fall

(Verse 1)
They say rapping ain’t me, I say you don’t know me
Back away slowly
Say I ain’t an MC
Ain’t real Hip Hop, content’s empty
Say I ain’t real, they say that I’m fake
Say I should die like a Vampire by the stake
But I say that they hate
I stay wide awake
Like an owl
And see they just bowels
They say it themselves, they’re shit
Glitter on lying words to make a hit
They say I ain’t hood
So that mean I ain’t good
Don’t get it twisted, the hood is where I’m living
Where my story is being written
Father did what he had to for me to be on the right path
But they say I ain’t real, they say that I’m wak
Say I should stick to school and math
But with every line I’m adding value
Spiritual wealth y mucho salu
They like to say a lot about you is what they do
But it doesn’t mean that it is all really true

(Verse 2)
They say they don’t like it
But don’t got the power to fight it
I shine through my smile
Makes me look better that all of your style
They say I’m a nerd
Say I should stop spitting these words
Say I’m not nice
I say you better listen more than twice
Say I ain’t tall
Say I will be crushed by the walls
That surround me
But they’re kept up by the sound beams
And I tower over you like Godzilla
Spit fire and make you scream like Thriller
Say my stuff is too simple, say my lines are too complex
Say I’m the worst, say that I’m no contest
Say I don’t have a voice for the music
But I’m unique so you better get used to it
Say I’m a biter, say I’m original
Say I’m too explicit, say I’m too subliminal

(Verse 3)
They say that me rapping is comedy
But laughter is the remedy
People place more labels than Johnnie Walker
And fall for the flattery of the sweet talkers
Never get to know people for who they really are
Following the system’s rule, you’ll never get far
Have you blind to reality and what you believe
Cuz they decide what you like, what you do, how you breath
Your blind like 20/200 vision
Pretty blurred patterns formed form their mission
But I don’t care what they say, I listen to me
The K E L V
To the end
On me I depend
To make my own trend
It’s Ton, 2,000 ways to get live, rhyme, be real, be me
2,000 ways to survive, shine, how I feel, freely
Do this cuz nothing else gives me this feeling
So sky’s the limit, no ceilings
I have to make it, Hip Hop’s my heart
Music, albums, on stage will just be the start
Track Name: Saving Hip Hop
(Verse 1)
“Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee
Your hands can’t hit what your eyes can’t see”
Words by the legendary Mohammed Ali
But there’s a future legend in town and that man is me
Because I’m intelligent you call me a nerd
But the nerd get it in baby, that’s my word
Taking Hip Hop to the level of Einstein
Doing it in a way that can only be mine
Call me WWE cuz my rhymes are Raw
Hating cuz I spit it sharper than Wolverine’s claw
Call me KRS cuz I think very deeply
You can’t handle this brain power it makes you sleepy
Call me Hulk cuz you know I’m incredible
Or call me Colossus ’cause I spit heavy metal
Like Lil’ Scrappy you can’t get on my level
And I’m still gon’ be here when the dust settle

Saving Hip Hop, it’s about time
Taking it back with this rhyme
Taking it back to its prime
Cuz to the top is where I’ll climb
With thoughts of greatness on my mind

(Verse 2)
Now a days dudes be fake
Swearing cuz they got more ice than Bobby Drake
Dude also swear he hard, but no not him
Just cuz he sells more rocks than are on Ben Grimm
They be more sensitive than they skin
I’m here to eliminate them, I’m here for the win
If you want to kill Hip Hop you got to get through me
But I’m chopping up these rappers like Hong Kong Phooey
I’ve got my eye on you like Big Brother and The Party
I’ll leave you flying in the air like the man Jeff Hardy
Go ahead, I dare you to try and stop me
Your careers gon’ be dead like your tamagotchi
You can’t live in fear like the Ghost Rider
But you won’t succeed with your horrible ghost writer
In the end you succeeding in Hip Hop I won’t have it
You’ll be denied every time like the Trix rabbit

(Verse 3)
You like that food and that liquor
So I’ma call you Lupe that real MC figure
But you’re feminine so I’ma call you Rah Diggah
That means you rap but me I’m bigger
You can call me Notorious, Pun, or L
Cuz I’m taking whack these rappers straight to hell
I’m becoming the new king of rap
You’re a PC while I’m a Mac
I’m on a quest with my tribe
Gonna make Hip Hop live
I’ma clean it out like a q-tip
Bark on ‘em like phife dawg and rip
Call me Shaheed Muhammad a prophet of God
The MVP like Big L or Yankees’ A Rod
I took LL’s radio and Nas’s only mic
Had to do something to make Hip Hop right
Now your running, ain’t ready for the one on one fight
We have to save Hip Hop before it dies tonight
Track Name: Have To Make It
Watch out cuz here I come
Going up the ladder, climbing up the rungs
Top is where I’m going, seeing where I’m from
Making Hip Hop like Hip Hop has made Ton

(Verse 1)
Since age 5 thought Hip Hop was the best
Recorded “Gangsta’s Paradise” on my mom’s cassette
Grew up watching crazy videos by Busta and Flipmode
Then Bone Thugs taught me about the “Crossroads”
That Tupac and Biggie soon passed
Remember hearing B.I.G. died before I left to class
I couldn’t believe, my mood was solemn
They taught me about the “Changes” cuz “Mo Money Mo Problems”
Listened to DMX while watching Jordan and the Bulls play
With my cousins Jonathon and Danny
Truly fell in love when I heard Luda’s Word Of Mouf
When my cousin Andy brought it to my house
Since then been Rolling Out with Hip Hop
And I’ll keep rolling with it ‘till the day that I drop

(Verse 2)
Inspiration made me think it was something I wanna do
Started rapping with my friends at school
Having friendly battles and ciphering at the lunch table
Wanted to make music if I was able
Had dreams of being signed to a label
And having videos all over the cable
Started writing songs with my cousins
Everything I wrote I was loving
Freestyling with Sonic taught me how to flow
Rapping in his car everywhere we would go
Love Hip Hop more than anything I know
Into everything I put my heart and soul
Recorded my first track with dreams that I would blow
In September 2008 in Kaleh’s studio
The Bureau of Beats
Where we come with correct technique
To produce that heat
All day on repeat
My friends became my biggest fans
As I made songs to make my stand
My mother supports it
My father ignores it
Sister finds it whack and boring
But me, I adore it
One of the greatest sensations in life
Honestly the only thing that feels right

(Verse 3)
So that’s 10 years loving the music and culture
9 years learning and seeing it soar like a vulture
8 years freestyling
7 years writing
6 years dreaming of making a CD
5 years finding a style that’s me
4 years planning out what I seek
3 years working on my technique
2 years laying down the tracks with my mind in my words
This year I’m coming out so that I can be heard
“All musician are subconsciously mathematicians.” (- Thelonious Monk)
So this all adds up to my mission
Exponentially it has the potential to last a life time
Cuz I continue to do this as I continue to rhyme
This is real, this is my history
So why I do this is no longer a mystery
Know my story is sincere
So when Hip Hop happens here, it stays here like Vegas
Like after class it rings true when I say this
Hip Hop I can never get enough of it
Cuz I do this cuz I love it